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UPDATE: How to make a Vocal Riser with SM Granita

SM Granita is a granular synthesizer. It’s a remix of Monolake’s Granulator II with focus on easy texture creation. Drag any sample and enjoy. It adds a luxury reverb and an audio pitch shifter for texture intonation, very useful in less experimental contexts.

  • Size: defines how many (very short) crossfading sample chunks are played back per second. High values: more chunks with shorter duration each are created.
  • Pos: file position. It can either be set by moving this parameter or by clicking on the waveform.
  • Spread: enables the slight detuning of the grain frequency for the left and right channel.
  • Lush: nw.gverb~’s decay time + mix. I like to have just 1 control, but you can easily add both in presentation.
  • ADSR: classic amp envelope.
  • Pitch (semitones + cents): audio pitch shifter for instrument tuning. Use Ableton Tuner Effect device (watch the demo video above). It introduces some latency and adds weird color at extreme values.
  • Voices: number of polyphonic voices.
  • Volume: ehm… main volume.

Granulator II
Max 7 Pitch and Time Machines


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