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Mannerism mixes Baroque dance music with contemporary electronic beats adding an extra flavour of 8 bit vintage videogame music.

Prelude’s videoclip by Joe Spark (1976-2017). I miss you everyday, my friend.

What music would Bach and Vivaldi have composed if they could use samplers, synthetizers, computers? What esthetics would have they developed if 8 bit videogame music was one of their main youth influences? Mannerism is the answer. An original Baroque style Prelude and Fugue performed on an 8 bit harpsichord sharing the mix with contemporary electronic beats. Mannerism is experimentation on dance music from the past, present and future: Baroque harmony, counterpoint and formal structures are mechanically performed by a vintage synth and brutally sorrounded by a chain of extreme but groovy electronic events. The effect is powerful and disturbing at the same time, making Mannerism’s sound something never heard before: a must for any sophisticated and curious music listener. Mannerism is a collaboration between two Italian composers and musicologists. Aside from the two main tracks in this first release you can find both prelude and fugue masterly interpreted on solo piano by pianist Luca Schieppati.

Links to free sheet music in the descriptions of the videos below.



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